Blogspot Interview

December 26, 2005


I recently did an interview for Character Design Blogspot. In a rush to get it submitted before leaving town I had to submit several illustrations from my Brother Jones Portfolio that you have already seen. There are, however, several new pictures of a job that I was working on at the time in various stages of finish.

The Comments

marcelo from Brasil!!!!!!

Great interview , nice advices and its was great to see that guys like Mort drucker and Jack Davis inspired your work! I love those guys styles !!!!  Mr jones , I wish you a merry christmas and a great 2006 filled with happyness and success!!!!!

Dennis Jones

Thanks Marcelo… I wish you the same for this coming year… keep in touch…

Paul Taylor

Hi Dennis- Thanks for sharing your thought process. I know all about that nasty “time issue”; everyone wants things yesterday. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Hope you and your family had a joyous Merry Christmas. All the best for 06!

Dennis Jones

Thanks Paul… I’m just happy someone connected the words “thought process” and my name together… they are traditionally non-sequiturs…