November 4, 2009


I was digging through my external hard drive yesterday and happened upon a series of halftone pictures I had done for a job several years ago. I pulled this one out, and slopped some color onto it during lunchtime. The color is a little dark, but then again, so was Job’s life.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Was Job the original Zombie?…


Poor guy!! Nice work though…

Don Jones

Les miserable! Is that French? Les itchible…

The “Ripleys” Guy

Had he not had on sandals and a cloak, I would have thought it was the Castaway Hanks.

Dennis Jones



Great to see old work. you should put Wilson in there from Castaway.


Or the Nagging wife that was the “Pillar of Support” throughout the early chapters.

Oscar Martin


Dennis Jones

…wow, Oscar… I love your artwork… and your book really has a great look to it. Is it available in the U.S.?

Oscar Martin

Unfortunately not translated into English 😦  The first thing I remembered seeing your work was to Jack Davis. I love it.

Dennis Jones

…rats …so many of the illustrated books I like are from other countries and are not published in English or even available here in the U.S. …maybe someday…