March 27, 2008


I had a dream that someone was shaking me real hard and then I woke up to my wife shaking me real hard saying, “You have a dental appointment in 30 minutes!”… so I actually rolled out of bed and went somewhere today… which was pretty weird since I never get up and go anywhere… ever…

The Comments

Don Jones

The dreaded dental visit… I have fond memories of you and I siting in the dentist’s office and being told that between the two of us… we had 67 cavities.


Does he have a name? At first I thought it was HulaHoop Guy – until I realized the bar didn’t curve all the way around him. He needs a funky emblem for his chest of some kind. Those legs are hilarious – so thin compared ot the rest of his massive frame.

Dennis Jones

…HoolaHoopGuy …that would be good… or maybe JumpRopeGuy and he uses a metal bar to jump with instead of a rope…

Terry Elliot

Or DentalFlossGuy in honor of your dream. Ofcourse you’d have to turn that steel bar into barbed wire. Now that would be bad-ass!