Weasel Ranching

September 26, 2007


Everyone over on Blogger has a profile page where they list things they are interested in. If you click on them it shows you a page of all the other “Bloggers” that share that same interest. Out of the half a gazillion people with Blogger pages, I seem to be the only one interested in Weasel Ranching… sigh…

The Comments

Doug Jones

Oh… there are tons of weasel ranchers out there. They are just afraid to admit it to anyone. I’d like a nice juicy weaselburger right now, with fries… and a mocha shake…

Dennis Jones

…Doug if you would just list weasel ranching as one of your interests, at least there would be two of us on the weasel ranching page…

Doug Jones

Bad day on the ranch…

Jason Bourne

I wonder what an ostrichburger would taste like?

Doug Jones

hey there, Jason B… how old are you?

Jason Bourne

Salutations. Im 28, and in Texas.

Don Jones

Hey there Jason B… do you have a real job other that your CIA gig?

Jason Bourne

Not yet. I hope to be an illustrator and maybe get do what Disney did and Veggie Tales.