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August 14, 2008


I am always interested to see the process of how people move from point A to point B in most anything, so with that in mind, here are a few pictures showing how I worked though a little sketch I did at church one night.

The Comments

Dan Lietha

OK, here’s a process question for you. I just received a Cintiq 21UX (still can’t believe it … WOW!) and am curious to know what functions you’ve assigned the buttons on the side of your Cintiq to do. I know this ranks up there with on which side of your mouth do you start brushing your teeth, but rookie Cintiqers want to know … at least this one does.


Hey Den, was the sermon that boring, drawing at church, you’re awesome dude, how many times did your Karen elbow you in the ribs during this sketch?  But seriously, seeing your process is a great help for me on how you select your color choices. The second piece looks a little muddy and dark, but then you pull it out and come up with everything perfect at the end. Thanks Man

Jason Bourne

He looks like he might be a youth pastor from back in the day. Swanky..

Dennis Jones

…Dan… congratulations, you won’t be sorry! Ok, here’s how I set mine up. First I disabled all the controls on the right hand side because I kept accidentally hitting them (being right handed) and I could never figure out what had just happened when I did that… The slider button dealie underneath the buttons… I disabled that, too… I kept accidentally hitting it, also… Those top 2 buttons that are off by themselves I set up for eraser and brush… This is my setup for the block of buttons… the top one I have setup in multiple undo mode… the left button is my color picker… the top right middle button is brush size up and the one below it is brush size down… the button at the bottom is the hand/move… I usually start brushing my front teeth first, but then move to the left side after that… There are probably much better ways to set a Cintiq up, but this is what I’m doing…

Dennis Jones

…Zaz… the muddy under-painting is a more traditional approach to painting, probably from my background in painting with gouache… you paint up opaquely from dark to light, and this is one thing the painting digital deal is really good at…

Dan Lietha

Thanks for the info. I’ll try starting with my front teeth and see how I like it. 🙂 How’s your Cintiq glove? Do you still use the same one from quite a few blogs ago?

Dennis Jones

…I went to a camera shop and got some photo gloves… a much better solution than the jersey gloves I got at Walmart…

Doug Jones

what kind of toothpaste do you use on your Cintiq and what side do you start brushing it on first?

Don Jones

I started using the photo gloves when I play golf and haul hay. I wear two so I don’t get confused with Michael Jacksonian.