The12DaysOf Fishmas Day1

December 14, 2009


On the first day of Fishmas ole Socmo gave to me… a clown fish in a blue sea…

The Comments


Radical. This will be an intersting 12 days!

Don Jones

This has me pumped… This has the makings of a great Christmas tune.

Dennis Jones

…well. don’t get too excited… I kinda only had a picture of a fish to post…

…to put it in football terms, we’ll take this one game at a time, we can’t be thinking about an entire Christmas tune at this point… we’ll keep our nose to the grindstone and if we can just score more points than our opponents we almost always win…


Yea. We might need Peyton,Eli and Drew Brees to help us.


Did Nemo take up Bourbon? Kinda has the “Look”

Dennis Jones

…haven’t ya noticed Jeff, all my characters have “the look” …they are all full of Christmas spirit …spirits …whatever…


And he still has 11 days to go…Pickled Herring anyone?