Blue Pencil

September 4, 2007


This is an email I wrote to my brother Doug the other day plus his reply… (he’s always so happy with me when I publish our private emails)…

DENNIS to Doug… what kind of blue pencil is it that you use to draw with? Last night I picked up a blue prismacolor verithin and was experimenting with it, kinda liked how that whole thing was working, but I’ve already sharpened it down to nothing…

DOUG to Dennis… animators seem to work with COL-ERASE pencils. They can be erased unlike other colored pencils. They were made by Sanford but recently were bought out by Prismacolor. I read a blog by an animator who was really upset because the formula for the pencils had been tampered with. More waxy now… sometimes I hit a block and for some reason the colored pencils make things different, and break my block…

EPILOGUE: I found the ColErase pencils in Oklahoma and got three non-photo blue ones… wow, they didnt even show up on the paper at all! Not so good. I then discovered some 0.9mm blue lead for mechanical pencils, they work really well, but you can’t erase them so much. At this point I’m thinking if I get a ColErase pencil in a darker blue, that just might be the ticket.

One thing in Doug’s reply I didn’t really understand was the “colored pencil breaks creative block” comment… but when I started drawing with a blue line instead of a regular pencil line things just started happening on my drawing paper like magic. I can’t really explain it other than, now I understand Doug’s comment… and I really like drawing with a blue line.

The Comments

Doug Jones

you evidently didn’t read the part where I TOLD you to use the LIGHT BLUE pencil. As you found out… non-photo blue is no good. You should always listen to you brother…. :o) Oh… I tried the blue mechanical pencil leads years ago and they seemed to break all the time.

Dennis Jones

…I must have overlooked the part in your email about LIGHT BLUE…

…I tried blue mechanical pencil leads way back when and they broke on me, too… which is why I gave up on them, but I was buying 0.5mm leads… I think all 0.5mm leads break easily because they are so thin… but the 0.9mm lead is thicker and does not break as easily… the thicker line is better to sketch with too… you can’t get as fussy with details that way…

Don Jones

Perhaps it’s the Jason Bourne DEATHGRIP you utilize on those pencils?

Dennis Jones

…I do seem to draw with a pretty heavy hand…

Dennis Jones

…in college I had an art instructor who didn’t think we were trying hard enough if he didn’t hear pencil leads breaking and flying around the room… I have been classically trained to break pencil leads…

Doug Jones

Don… glad to see you referencing your fellow Nixa, MO chum Jason Bourne. I saw his latest movie…. very EXCITING!

Dennis Jones

…the camera shots on the action sequences were too shaky for me… I’m still jittery from seeing them…

Don Jones

I finished up the Bourne trifecta last week. I saw the last one first, the first one second and then finished up last with the second one in the series. I’m pumped to watch the finale again. I think Jason and his folks live just down the road from us on Cheyenne.


I didn’t like the camra shake either. It was hard to tell what was going on during the fights. Wonder what would happen if I changed my name to Jason Borne?

Doug Jones

you would probably become rich and famous beyond your wildest dreams… I say go for it!

Dennis Jones

…I would appreciate it if you could start signing your comments in as Jason Bourne instead of N.H… it would be a lot more impressive to people to see that I am getting top secret, coded messages from Jason Bourne…

Jason Bourne

Kool. This will be fun. Remember, if the CIA comes in here, tell them who you “thought” I was. Or “think” I may be. Lets try to keep the Press out of all this… click

Don Jones

I saw a bumper sticker the other day and thought of Jason B… “Drive like it’s stolen.”


As far as colored drawing pencils I have found a fondness for American Checking pencils by papermate. It erases pretty well and isn’t as waxy as some colored pencils.

Dennis Jones

…I need to find a usable blue pencil that I can buy in my local WalMart or I’m pretty much outa luck in my little home town… I think I’m pretty much outa luck…