The Christmas Story

December 20, 2006


…experimenting with Comic Life software…

Here’s a last minute, inexpensive little Christmas gift idea for an artist to go out and… well… buy for themselves, because you know nobody else is going to buy it for you… Comic Life Software… 25 bucks!

This software allows you create panels, word balloons, text, titles, everything you need to create a custom comic book page. I bought a copy last summer and to learn it, I translated the first chapter of the Biblical book of Luke, (which is really, REALLY text heavy). It was a lot of fun and the program was very easy to master.

This would be the proper time of year to post what I came up with in my portfolio section, so I have. You can see all eight pages here.

The Comments

Don Jones

It’s a gift that keeps on givin’, Clark.

Doug Jones

for Christmas I want new eyes… I think I blew mine out trying to read all the fine print on these over in the portfolio

Don Jones

Magnifyin’ glasses for everybody! A great stocking stuffer.

Doug Jones

I like that headline type… what is it? Did you beef it up someway or is that how it comes?

Dennis Jones

…Pete and I spent the afternoon in Ft. Wayne… basically at the dollar theatre… movie, shopshop shop, another movie, home… talk about needing some new eyes…

…Doug, that headline type came with the program… not sure what it is called…


Are these illustrations new just for this or are they from one of your other Bible illustration assignments adapted just for purpose. ComicLife is way cool. New Macs come with it preinstalled apparently. I too wish I could read the other sample pages. perhaps you could post them here just like Bro. Doug did for last weeks parade o’ pics.

Dennis Jones

…this is all original art… I was trying to figure out a method I could use to do a comic… what I ended up doing was laying out the page with all the text and balloons, then seeing how much room was left (and the space configurations inside each panel) and tried to do art that would fit into each individual panel… so I have a whole lot of little tiny art sitting around the studio from this exercise…

Cedric Hohnstadt

Remember the old Bible comic books from the 70’s? This is way better!