Goat For A Face Guy

September 5, 2006


…from the sketchbook thru the copy machine…


…Goat For A Face Guy…

I found some time this weekend to play, so I got a picture out of my sketchbook and got ready to paint. Not wanting to waste any of the limited time I had re-pencilling the sketch onto watercolor paper, I decided to use my copy machine to transfer the sketch.

The machine made noises it had never made before as it strained to pull the 140 pound piece of watercolor paper thru itself… but I say, “if it doesn’t kill ya, it will make you stronger” …so I believe my copy machine is a better copy machine because of this experience.

It seems copier ink is dry and powdery and it did not really fuse to the paper surface very well. As I painted it came off and mixed into the color creating… well… mud. Fortunately, I paint with gouache and the power of gouache came thru in the clutch once again. I just increased the amount of paint I was using and opaquely painted right over the top of the mud.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Cool! Lord of the Rings character with rock star hair… is this guy also an accountant?

Dennis Jones

…a finely groomed mane is quite important to Goat For Face Guys…

Dennis Jones

…hey Doug… Don seems to be absent today… I also heard there is a possible hurricane headed for the coast… these two things lead me to believe Don and family have headed toward the coast… they do seem to enjoy riding a storm out every other year or so… I don’t recall him punching out on the official Brother Jones Time Clock, though… looks like there’s a top secret reprimand in order here…

Doug Jones

If that be the case (which I’m thinking it is) one of us needs to go over and put up a new picture on his page… the potentate pic is really wearing on me…. whadaya think?


Yesh I’d say he looks like an accountant. It’s the leather gloves that does it.

Doug Jones

I see a calculator in his back pocket…

Dennis Jones

…well… it’s obviously the middle of tax season for him…

Don jones

Nothing he likes better than a “gang audit.”

Dennis Jones

…I worked all weekend tearing down my studio and then putting it all back together… I think I have finally come up with a computer work space that I like…

Doug Jones

Toss that computer out the window like you threatened to… you’ll have lots more space!


Hey, it’s probably better than my G3. I’ll take it. Will we see before and after pictures of the ol’ studio?

Don Jones

Have you got yourself a optional standing/sitting work station? The more I think of that… the more I like it.