Logan Part Two

September 12, 2007


Last night I took another swipe at this little sketch. It looks a bit more finished now. Nothing really ever has to be totally finished when it’s digital and just sitting inside your computer.

The Comments

Doug Jones

OK now… what is going on in the background? How’d you do that? l like it.

Dennis Jones

…those are just some free brushes I found on the internet somewhere and you use them like a stamp…

Doug Jones

Dang… I just spent hours and hours trying to duplicate that…

Don Jones

Do you get those brush stamps to stick by licking the mouse?

Jason Bourne

It gets better and better. Is that Darkwing Duck in the sketch book? I miss that show…


We have located Jason Bourne… turn on the SocMo bat light….


Nice how you carry the background colors as a reflection in Bro. Logan’s face (the bottom right side of his nose is a really good example of that.) Looks like this is from that movie: wolverine meets Little Shop of Horrors.