Big Job

November 15, 2007


I’ve been working night and day on a really big job that is due December 3. Eighty-six pages of art and text. I’ve not had much time to participate on Brother Jones, but I suppose I can at least change the picture here on my page.

The Comments

Dan Lietha

Dennis, just glad you’re still alive! Here’s a fun suggestion for those crunch-time deadlines. Tom Richmond who is a caricature artist/illustrator for Mad magazine has a blog and when he is on a heavy deadline, he posts “The dreaded Deadline Demon”: Maybe you could make your own deadline type image for times like these.

Jason Bourne

Alright,we’re back! Wahooo… Purple spots look cool. Dallywags and wallydogs, love’em.

Dennis Jones

…good idea, Dan… the picture above is now officially the “Dreaded Deadline Demon Dog”…


He is not as horrific as I would have thought..Maybe he has really big teeth…

Don Jones

It appears the Demon Deadline Dog is wagging its way right on through Thanksgiving….