December 1, 2008


Indiana did not have a professional football team for a lot of years and folks around here adopted the Chicago teams as their own, so when fall roles around and the NFL kicks into gear each year, loyalties are equally split between the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts… (which made that Superbowl the Colts won a few years ago against the Bears pretty interesting in this part of the country).

You can see the video for this here.

The Comments


Wow! Dennis, you are the J.C. Leyendecker of cartoon Illustration! Your use of color just never stops amazing me…with each new illustration I lean over, tilt my head to the right ( my dog does the same thing when I talk to him ) and just float away on the HITH ( text-short for: How In The Heaven ) does he do that thought bubbles. Superb stuff man!

Dennis Jones

…Bernard, I’ve noticed lately that my wife looks at me blankly and tilts her head in a quizzical way when I’m talking, too… just like you and your dog… what’s going on here?


..ha, ha….it means that you my friend have entered: ThE TwILiGHT ZoNE! Buhaaahahahahaha

Bigonjee Boi

quit making videos and spell rolls right. (as opposed to roles as in role model which you are not because of your poor grammar). have a nice day pops.

Dennis Jones

…HEY… I don’t need to know how to spell correctly… I’ve got SPELL-CHECK and it said the way I spelled role was JUST fine and if its fine with SPELL-CHECK, it’s fine with me…


Gee, that’s no way for Bigonjee Boi to increase the value of his Christmas gift this year. Just for that I would give him a soc-mo.

Dennis Jones

…all that kid ever wanted to be when he was growing up was a hockey player… who knew he lernt spelling along the way somewhere?? …that comment of his must have been his school teacher mom side popping out…

Don Jones

All this role talk makes me hungry for Lamberts… speaking of role ons, I tried some of that new can deodorant, but every time I raise my arms, the can falls out.


Lol! Don, try some Dippity-Doo instead. It’s a little known secret but it works, in fact, you can go three maybe four days without a shower. You can even mix it with some Tang instant breakfast powder for a little perfumagation if you like scented deodorant. Caution: After 4-5 hours it get’s super reflective to headlights so you would want to wear a thick coat if you jog at night.