Faircreek Church

August 4, 2009


I was in Ohio last weekend and dropped in on the folks at Faircreek Church. They were kind enough to give me a tour of the environment I created for them. It’s really interesting to see the illustrations I created on a computer transformed into gigantic pieces of artwork.

The Comments


forget disneyland, I gonna get me some of that there faircreek church!

Terry Elliott

That really is amazing. Did they make your artwork fit to the size of the walls or did they send you the dimensions?


Wow I’m changing churches.. The only art I have up at Pleasantview is in the mens room on the door.. Awesome Work!!

Doug Jones

How did they do this? Is it printed on something and attached to the walls?

Dennis Jones

…ok, well, I was sent a little sketch of the interior walls with no specs attached and when I asked for sizes I was told not to worry, they would make it work… so I came up with a bunch of ideas, they were approved, I did the final artwork, sent it in… it was then turned into huge vinyl wall coverings and installed…


Didn’t Leonardo make it big tagging churches?

Dennis Jones

…which one of the mutant turtles was he again?


I think the one with the with the whoopin stick..

Don Jones

MAN! those look good. AND BIG! Nice job… I see some Super Hero Bible Illos to fill out the areas… Nice.