Weird Gourd Wednesday

October 6, 2005


Hey everybody, its WEIRD GOURD WEDNESDAY! The custom gourds are back and weirder than ever!

…(and yes, I know its actually Thursday, but Weird Gourd Thursday doesn’t have the same pizzazz to it that Weird Gourd Wednesday has… and anyway, its just the internet… I can say anything I want… it doesn’t have to be true).

…with that in mind… I am also proud to announce…

…that I will be the starting running back for the Indianapolis Colts this weekend as they take on the mighty San Francisco 49ers!

The Comments


Could this be used as a rain collector? Then all you would need to add is a dipper gourd. Or perhaps this was created with a spittoon in mind, in that case a dipper would be gross.

Doug Jones

does this gourd wear dog tags?

Dennis Jones

yes, Doug… yes it does… that is my dogs old rabies tag hanging off the stem…

Don Jones

Moo had rabies?

Steampunk Guitar Stage Three

March 19, 2009


…E.T. phone home antenna…


…fur lined flux capacitor…


…dog tags…

This is where I go wrong with most projects. Instead of leaning on the “less is more” training I got in college, I always go with the “if a little is good, a whole lot more would be even better” theory… which is always wrong. These are a few of the “whole lot more” things that ended up on the guitar.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I think the proper term for this is “Too much is not enough” …a common affliction for many of us

Don Jones

Isn’t that the same fur you have around your steering wheel?


I think you mean “HAD on your steering wheel.” I think the dog tags are a nice touch. It would be nice if there was a way they could help provide percussion accompaniment. This could be your firt step to becoming one of those one man band type of things.