Weird Al

March 10, 2008


I was listening to I-Tunes on random mode the other day and a Weird Al song fired up called “The Saga Begins”. It’s a parody of Don McClean’s song, “American Pie”…

…a long, long time ago… in a galaxy far away… Naboo was under an attack”…

It’s really pretty amazing how he retells Star Wars (movie one) in it’s entirety during the course of this song, and the music is much punchier than the original, too. Here’s my interpretation of Anakin in honor of the amazing Weird Al Yankovic… and here’s also to hoping my two sons don’t read this and make fun of me for the next 3 years about it…

The Comments

Don Jones

We share the same fear of our sons terrorizing and teasing us for our quarky, eccentric, sad little lifestyles. So be it

Jason Bourne

That is funny. And UHF is one the best movies ever made!

Doug Jones

looks like you have some custom brushes going on here… right?

Dennis Jones

…naw, these are just photoshop charcoal brushes…