One-Eyed Tin Man

July 31, 2006





Karen sent me to WalMart this weekend and told me to buy something that would eliminate the 850 moles that are currently wreaking havoc in our yard. I had two options there… one was in a white jug that said Eco-Friendly at the top. The other was in a yellow container and in big red letters at the top it just said KILL. That’s the one I chose.

I guess I got an eco-friendly clerk when I was checking out because when she saw what I was buying she said, ”…what’s this?? …I’m not going to sell this to you!” Then she turned to the people standing behind me in line and said ”…look what he’s going to do to the poor moles at his house!”

This, of course, was just another typical trip out of the house for me…

The Comments

Doug Jones

If he went to the Wizard, I bet HE would give him an eye…

Dennis Jones

…now how did that story go? …the tin man wanted a new eye …the lion a new tail … and Dorothy some new flying monkeys?? …I have trouble keeping that all straight…

Don Jones

Tin Man… WD-40 – ScareCrow… Charcoal Fluid – Lion… A coupon to Style Barbershop – Dorothy… a new pair of flipflops. Death to Moles!!


We found an interesting gadget in our fight against the moles. You buy this little contraption and secure it to the exhaust pipe on your car. The other end screws on to a regular garden hose. The idea is to stick the hose in the ground and kill them with the exhaust from the car. We tried this, but the car made a strange squealing sound and I decided I would rather have a working car than dead moles!

Dennis Jones

…Betsy, I tried something similar with a car… except I tried putting a fishing line down the mole hole with a Hershey Bar attached to the hook and then attached the line to the exhaust pipe of my car so that I could pull the mole out of the ground when it hit the bait… but I ran out of gas waiting for this to happen…


Have you tried the smoke bombs that look like dynamite? I tried some of those a few months ago. However I was a little slow in getting one in the hole and it burst into flame while I was holding it and proceeded to smoke me out of the backyard. Andy won’t let me use those anymore! 😦


Wow! Talk about color combinations…the colors for this piece are awesome. Looks like the Tin Man was out in a field of dandylions a little too long?


Wow from me too!

Doug Jones

Wow… I just realized that wow spelled backwards is still WOW!…. WoW!

Doug Jones

and WoW spelled upside down is MoM…