Indinaplis Coats

March 3, 2008


I seem to be falling into an “only draw the Colts” rut… but I don’t have a problem with that since it has been scientifically proven that they are the best team in the league without question… ever. I still can’t believe Peyton won a Super Bowl last year and his little brother Eli won it the next… what a story.

The Comments

Don Jones

best team ever … except for the ‘69 Chiefs. This guy has some major ‘ceps. woah.

Dennis Jones

…no, I’m sorry Don… a team of renowned football scientists who are much, much smarter than us have reached a consensus on this subject and determined the Colts to be the best team ever… who are we to question their conclusions on this subject? …we must simply accept what they say and act on it as fact…

Don Jones

That is merely “the Man” trying to keep us in our place. We must rise up and with one voice and declare that all Hoosiers and Hicks are football lovers too!

Dennis Jones

…Don… how dare you call into question the consensus opinion of football scientists… every single one in the whole world agrees that the Colts are the best team ever, so it must be true… I believe I even saw something about this on the NFL Channel… if it’s on TV it has to be true…


on the other hand, the Dallas Plowboys, in double blind testing were the only team to choke on a sack of mini marshmallows..

Dennis Jones

…hmm …well, ok Jeff, I guess you cannot argue with the scientificness of the double blind test…

Doug Jones

Colts?… Colts?… that sounds like it should be a team from Kentucky- horse country. The name SHOULD be the Indy Hoosiers. Then you could go to games and yell… “Hoosier Daddy?”

Jason Bourne

I love to draw football players. Can’t wait for the new season!

Jon Slone

The colts are the greatest! The way football should be played. Best coach! Best wide receivers! And lets not forget……the coolest nnames! Peyton, marvin, Dallas and Fern Blanston! Nobody wraps a bum toe or fills a cup like Fern!

Dennis Jones

Don Jones

If Al says it… then it is so. Just remember, he invented the internets.

Dennis Jones

…now yer thinkin’ right…