August 4, 2008


While in Africa, one of the guys asked me to draw a dragon. I couldn’t because it was so hot, every time I pulled my sketchbook out to draw the paper would become soaked with sweat. I told him I would draw a dragon when I got back to the states and post it on my website. So is this a dragon or just a dinosaur with flames shooting out of its nose? Good question. It’s all kinda the same thing to me…

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Rad! I think Dinos and dragons are not that different.  If an Iguana was 20 feet tall, it would practicaly be a dino…


Awesome as usual…but maybe it’s a Senior Citizen Dragon? I think I seen a few of these hangin’ at Mickey D’s? Bummer on the Africa No Sketch zones.

Dan Lietha

Dragon/Dinosaurs WEEK on Brothers Jones! YES!

Don Jones

I just realized I had not checked in on this fantastic African Dragon with nasal flamage. What I like the best is the spotted skin texturization.

Marcelo from Brazil

in africa …dragon heart and jurassic park are in the same blockbuster shelve.