Steampunk Guitar Stage One

March 17, 2009


…cutting out some chunks…


…a careful sanding job…


…paint and rivets…

Last year my youngest son, Pete, found an old guitar in a second hand shop and gave it to me for my birthday. He told me to redo it into something really cool. I now believe this was all some sort of diabolical plan on his part to give him something new to make fun of me with, since he still makes fun of the last guitar I built.

I immediately tore the guitar down last summer, (that’s always the fun part) but then didn’t know what to do with it. Last weekend I decided the time had come to get busy and get this guitar put together. I’ll post the progression of assembling this contraption here for the next few days.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Off to a great start! I already want one…

Dennis Jones

…yeh, well, a great start is always the easy part… I run into a little trouble in tomorrows exciting episode… and later succumb to the ever present temptation to try and do too much…

Doug Jones

I bet that Dremel had a melt down

Dennis Jones

…didn’t think you could burn those Dremel bits up, but you know what, you can! …learn somethin’ new ever day…

Don Jones

Den, I have a reciprocating saw I can send up if you need to do some heavy demolition on this thing.