Custom Desk Hole

February 16, 2009


When we were growing up, it was always fun to go to our grandparent’s farm. Grandpa was a pretty creative guy and came up with all sorts of custom made things.

He took a square piece of plywood, cut a half circle out of one side, and Grandma would sit in her easy chair with the plywood resting on the arms of the chair and she would be in the center part that had been cut out. That was her work desk. I thought that was the coolest thing ever, because that plywood “desk” literally wrapped all the way around you.

The other day, my arm and shoulder was getting really sore from working long hours on the Cintiq and I realized I needed to support my elbow on something. I remembered Grandma’s desk, and twenty minutes later I had a hole cut out of my table top. It works great!

The Comments

Doug Jones

This is also similar to those baby chairs with the tray that surrounds the little tyke. Do you like to throw things in the floor and have Karen pick them up for you?

Don Jones

How long did it take to cut that out with your Dremel?

Doug Jones

so… if you stuff too much into your PIE hole, you can always Dremel out a larger DESK hole for yourself. Great idea!


Although another interpretation of the photo could be that ol’ SocMo got a little hungry there. Wood ~ Yum!

Dennis Jones

…an excellent observation, robalLOO!