August 14, 2007


…computer color…


…old school paint…

I keep tinkering around with computer coloring, but I seem to always be drawn back to the old, traditional, “mud on a stick” approach to applying color. This was an experiment I did to see if I could apply color faster to the same pencil drawing with a computer. The top two pictures represent about an hour of computer work on each one… the bottom picture is old school paint and also represents about an hour of work.

The Comments


I really like the old school. It seems to have more detail. The muscles are better defined…

Don Jones

I’ll take the chicken fried steak with corn and mashed potatoes… ice tea and bread… white. That computer coloring technique is a hard nut to crack Den. Some things just simply take time… coloring, caulking, a round of golf.

Dennis Jones

…Don’s menu order above refers to the 50’s diner here in town that I took him to for lunch… this place isn’t one of those new retro style restaurants… it’s a place thats been around since the 50’s… or earlier… the regulars in the place kept giving us the evil eye while we ate… outsiders in their diner I suppose… the food tasted just like it was out of the 50’s… in fact, I’m pretty sure the chicken fried steaks we ate were deep fried in the same vat of lard they were using back in 1950…

Doug Jones

There are many ways to skin a cat, as they say. There are also many ways to color digitally. I ran across a children’s book illustrator the other day who does a full toned (B&W) rendering first. Then she adds another layer on top of that and puts in bright, flat color. The tone shows through and creates the dimension. Then you add some highlights and presto… there you are!

Doug Jones

I’m glad you cleared theat up, Den. I thought Don was off his medication again….

Don Jones

That ain’t medication Douger … IT”S STEROIDS! How do you think Barry and I stay so buff?

Doug Jones

buff?… BUFF… so THAT’S what you call it….

Don Jones

The regulars in the retro diner were giving us the evil eye ‘cause Den and I were smacking so loud. What’s lunch if you can’t chew with your mouth open and make a little noise?

Doug Jones

you know it’s good food when the other customers put in their ear plugs…

Don Jones

That fancy hotel I stayed in last week had complimentary ear plugs in the desk drawer. I had to turn the t.v. up real loud in order to hear it with those things in.