September 6, 2007


Just another experiment with something I pulled out of my sketchbook. I was piddling around with changing the color of the line work on this one.

The Comments

Doug Jones

This reminds me of ol’ Bill Armstrong. He had some great, wide sideburns that were so cool. I tried to grow mine like that… but mine were skinny and looked a lot like Italy. …sigh…

Don Jones

What makes this image so good is the subtle screened back stuff in the background… along with that patented Brother Jones “puzzled” look.

Dennis Jones

…did you guys watch the football game last night? …did you see the children’s choir from Ft. Wayne singing the national anthem?? …I was in the front row of that choir singing… I was on my knees trying to blend in of course…

Doug Jones

Yep, I spotted you… but I thought you were an Ewok…

Don Jones

I thought that was you on stage with John Meloncramps. Got no future in my small town… things look all da same in my small town… I pick up cans for a livin’ in my small town… can’t think of many lyrics in my small town…