May 18, 2009


New week, new picture…

For the curious among you, I showed up this week on the CCI website.

The Comments

Don Jones

Den, the way I see it…. those folks ain’t gonna visit ‘cause curiosity killed all those cats. Dig?

Doug Jones

Such a cute little girl… but I KNOW that she is really a double agent. We need Jack Bauer to “question” her a bit to get to the truth. I think she is emitting some kind of violet chemical agents into the atmosphere that will make everyone a mind numbed robot who will thoughtlessly buy up all the BrotherJones products collecting dust in our warehouse… hey… wait… cancel that call into Bauer…

Dennis Jones

…dontcha think the world would be a far safer place if only someone would lock Jacks daughter up in a closet somewhere…

Dan Lietha

I am honored to be 2 listings under you at the CCI web site! 🙂

Dennis Jones

…it’s the happenin’ internet place to be…


She could be the pending offspring of Jack and the new FBI chick. Note even though she is smiling, her fists are ready to pound a crooked FBI agent. And how is it, the new FBI chick went through 24 hours of getting shot, stomped etc and her make-up held out??? Humm.

Dennis Jones

…I always get a kick out of looking back at everything that can happen in 24 hours on that show… a biological weapon almost explodes, then the white house is captured, then it’s retaken, the presidents daughter is appointed to the chief of staff position for an entire 4 hours before going down in corruption flames, Jack gets the snot beat out of him, is exposed to deadly chemicals but still is able to function flawlessly… amazing…

Doug Jones

Yeah… actually it is getting a bit tiresome. Someone is a bad guy… then a good guy… then a bad guy again… all in 24 hours…


Sounds like my house.