SketchBook 2

July 15, 2008


I’ve got a job due today. In the old days, I would have needed to have an assignment done at least three days early so I could drop it in the mailbox and give the U.S. Postal Service a chance to get it delivered on time. Later, it seemed that all my clients gave me their FedX numbers and this allowed me to work right up to the day before the deadline before “overnighting” a project in. Today, I can use part of the deadline day to finish the job up and then send it to the client electronically later in the day. How times have changed… you young whippersnappers…

The Comments

Doug Jones

I like that kitty! …and Ironman. Saw Hellboy II the other day. Lots of Streampunk stuff going on there. Not much story, just a lot of eye candy. IMHO. Hey… I am shining the BrotherJones light into the night sky for a little help with my comments button. It has turned into a time machine taking you back to 2005 Spamalot…

Dennis Jones

…I think if you delete the page and post it up again new it should correct the problem… i is a web jeenius…

Jason Bourne

Oh, yea…Ironman! Awesome! Friday is….THE DARK KNIGHT! Nuff said.