Starting A New Week

March 6, 2006


…Monday morning… time for a wood run…

At the end of each summer I go into my woods and cut up the trees that have fallen to the ground. Some of it I leave and some of it I haul back to the house to burn in the fireplace during the winter. I don’t want to bring too much to the house because whatever is left after winter has to be hauled back to the woods.

I really misjudged the amount of wood we would need this year so this morning I had to make another wood run. Just wanted you to know my week is off to another rousing start.

The Comments

Don Jones

Fantastic photo composition here Dennis. The angularity of the foreground wood with the foot path leading to the back of the vehicle which forms a Z. The home dwelling in the distant mist all engaging the eye to move back and forth through the image. The red tailights add just enough warm vivid color to balance out the cold grey winter tones.

Doug Jones

I think I have had to put on a coat maybe 2 or 3 times this winter… MY kind of winter.

Nick Jones Everybody

I skated ten miles around the lake and played a round of golf in 80 degree weather this weekend… you have fun with the wood hauling….

Dennis Jones

…I’ve pretty much stayed inside my house since last November… in front of the fireplace…


This scene reminds me of the north canadian areas. Might be why you like hockey 🙂

Dennis Jones

…why the hockey bug bit a kid from the rural Missouri Ozarks I will never know, but it did… I got used to watching NFL football games on Sunday afternoons at an early age… back then, when the football season ended they would play NHL hockey games in that time slot here in the states.

I was watching Gordie Howe playing for Detroit… Bobby Hull playing for Chicago with Tony Esposito in net and his brother Phil playing for Boston, Gary Cheevers in net (he was putting stitches on his goalie mask with a magic marker at the time) and my all time favorite player, Bobby Orr…

…now THAT was a great NHL…

Don Jones

Seems we were able to replicate a few of those games in our garage. Homemade cardboard goals and the old orange plastic puck. Getting body checked into the paneled walls didn’t have much “give” if I remember right.

Dennis Jones

…I made us a couple of hockey sticks in 7th grade shop class which we immediately broke practicing our slap shots… but I repaired them with a few nuts n bolts… I think those might have been the only two hockey sticks in southern Missouri at that time…


October 13, 2008


The seasons are changing here in Indiana, it’s getting kinda nippy at night, and that means one thing… time for me to cut fire wood. I am trying something new this season… the legendary wood PILE. I have found this to be much easier than stacking wood into orderly rows… not that I’m looking for the easy way out or anything…

The Comments

Don Jones

That’s one good lookin’ wood pile. Bet you burned off a few 3 Musketeers putting that together.

Jason Bourne

Yep..Fall is here again. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas in no time…

Doug Jones

This wood pile is not high enough… I am highly offended…