Flesh Tones

February 22, 2008


Here’s a quick Photoshop attempt to find a color to do skin tones with… it’s looking like orange is the big winner… for now…

The Comments

Otto Meza

Hi dennis good morning here in El Salvador i have a question How many time you xpend just to paint this draw? (time to make a Sketch not include)

Dennis Jones

…Otto, most of the digital art I post here is just experimental stuff that I do as I try to figure out how to paint with Photoshop. so it is very quick and unfinished work… I might have fiddled around with the color on this for 10 minutes or so…

Nick Jones Everybody

phhh… 10 whole minutes… I could do this on a nintendo DS in 5.

Otto Meza

mamma mia, you are a master

Don Jones

Master Brother Jones Bonsai!


I don’t think I want to know how his head got detached from his body. i guess I’d be kinda lngry looking if that happened to me too.


lngry in Roballoo speak is angry.