Mothers Day 2005

May 9, 2005


My wife likes to garden and since she was out of town this weekend I decided to surprise her with a new flower bed for Mothers Day. Saturday morning I grabbed a shovel and headed out back.

One of my more basic flaws is that I never come up with a plan to work from. I just start projects and hope for the best. I had no plan for this. All I was going to try to accomplish was to square up an area of ground in the back yard and fill it with dirt.

As I arranged the edging on the ground, I noticed it looked a lot like the symbol on a New Mexico state flag. I kinda liked that. I kept piddling around with things; kept driving back and forth to town to get stuff, and this is what I ended up with.

I loaded each one of the sections with 40 lbs of organic humus, (thats manure to you and me) and 80 lbs of topsoil. If Karen cant grow something in that, it cant be grown.

And I suppose when you get right down to it, nothing really says Happy Mothers Day any better than 500 lbs of poop and dirt.

The Comments

Don Jones

I like where we are going in these journals… lots of sequence, action, progression shots. Dennis, I can only imagine the buckets of sweat this labor of love took you. Karen should be delighted to do her planting in this attractive, stylish garden. I bet she’s already planning to build  something unique and special for you on Father’s Day

Doug Jones

Very symmetrical… hope you didn’tget your T-square dirty in the process

Doug Jones

I like how you added that mosquito breeding pool to the flower bed. It will be so pleasant to pick flowers and smash those bloodsuckers on your neck at the same time…

Dennis Jones

…this area of the country leads the nation in the number of west nile mosquito incidents… I am just trying to play into our regions natural strengths… and as far as the flower bed being square, that edging is about as straight as a dogs hind leg…


Just think how beautiful this would be with some limestone rocks mixed in from Table Rock Lake. Be glad to make some available.


My reaction when I saw the first picture was, “Ooo, an archeological dig!” When I saw the Mosquito Love Grotto I was happy we don’t live in the same state.

Dennis Jones

I will try to get my fascinating unwritten article on archeological digs here in Indiana up for you next week… I can hardly wait to see what it says myself…

Don Jones

Banshee… that is a funny perception of this home front photo… It made me look twice to see if Dennis was in fact sifting through some of the dirt for any rare bones or artifacts…