Guy With Funny Hat

June 5, 2007


…the key to all good comedy… a funny hat…

Last Saturday was a beautiful morning, so I jumped out of bed, ran outside, fired up the garden tiller, and broke it. Then I got two safety recalls in the mail. Apparently my dishwasher can spontaneously combust and burn my house down at any moment and I am to discontinue using it immediately. The other was from my car company telling me I had a faulty flux capacitor in my Mazda Tribute and that it needed prompt attention. I had about an hour to kill on Monday as I waited for my car appointment, so I cranked up the Wacom and did this little picture. It’s a guy in a funny hat.

…that certainly did seem to be a complicated way to say I did a picture of a guy in a funny hat… I will try to do better next time.

The Comments

Don Jones

Cool hat illustrations always need good commentary.

Doug Jones

I saw the new Pirates movie and one thing I kept thinking about was all the shapes of the hats. They are all basically the same, but folded up differently. This is why I was totally lost, plot wise. There are so many secret deals going on with all the characters… I just gave up and watched the special effects… which were cool.

Dennis Jones

…that’s how I watched the second Pirate movie… I had no idea what was going on, I just watched a bunch of interesting characters doing kinda interesting stuff…

Don Jones

I’m running behind on the pirate movies… as well as the Shrek movies… But I am up-to-date on Ocean’s 11 & 12.

Dennis Jones

…I couldn’t follow the second Oceans movie any better than I could follow the second Pirates movie… I haven’t seen any of the Shreks yet, but from previous learning I’m betting the second one is probably hard to follow…

Marceleza from brasil!!

and so they are finishing the third Shrek…they are going to make more “15” of those pirates, they did the sixth Rocky Balboa, and they are about to release the fourth Rambo…what its going on???

Dennis Jones

…no one has any new ideas…

Doug Jones

I’m still waiting for Napoleon Dynamite 2

Steampunk Guitar Stage Three

March 19, 2009


…E.T. phone home antenna…


…fur lined flux capacitor…


…dog tags…

This is where I go wrong with most projects. Instead of leaning on the “less is more” training I got in college, I always go with the “if a little is good, a whole lot more would be even better” theory… which is always wrong. These are a few of the “whole lot more” things that ended up on the guitar.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I think the proper term for this is “Too much is not enough” …a common affliction for many of us

Don Jones

Isn’t that the same fur you have around your steering wheel?


I think you mean “HAD on your steering wheel.” I think the dog tags are a nice touch. It would be nice if there was a way they could help provide percussion accompaniment. This could be your firt step to becoming one of those one man band type of things.