Making The Jump

March 2, 2006


…from the Sketchbook to Watercolor Notebook…


…copier…light table…paint…


…a successful jump…

In my last journal post I made the comment that occasionally one of my drawings will jump out of my sketchbook and into my watercolor notebook. I received an email asking how exactly that jump takes place. I would like to say it’s a very complicated process that requires a doctoral degree… of course, we all know the Brothers Jones are not exactly rocket scientists, so it stands to reason the transfer is a pretty low tech, simple procedure.

I first duplicate my sketch on the copier machine. This gets it out of the sketchbook and into a more workable format. I tape this copy to the bottom of the watercolor paper and put it on my light table. The light table allows me to see the sketch and I redraw it onto the watercolor paper. Now that I have transfered the sketch onto the watercolor paper I am ready to paint.

Here at Brother Jones, you ask the questions, we give you the answers… as simple-minded as those answers might be.

The Comments

Doug Jones

… and here we see the REAL secret of your success… you have 3 arms!

Bucky Jones

Dennis, thanks a ton for the step by step. Interesting, as always….but I gotta go with Doug on the Three Arm thing!


Dennis, Thanks for the info. Can you take it one step further and give us some great insight on your gouache painting techniques. After all, that’s what you do at Brothers Jones right? Love the work!

Don Jones

Dennis, this sounds like the makings for another STEP-BY-STEP Gouache Paintin’ Podcast. Or another song.


The podcast is great! but us illustrator types are visual!

Thomas M.

Video podcast 🙂

Don Jones

I can fire up the Sony VX1000 and pull this off. But on second thought, it might encroach on the soon-to-be-released Nick Jones Everybody video series featuring Dennis and his secret society of gouache and gourd lovers.

Doug Jones

On second glance, that third hand is looking a bit on the purple side. This must be the one that holds the ol’ coffee cup as the other two are slavin’ away doing all the hard work. You must have this multi-tasking thing DOWN, eh?

Dennis Jones

…bad news… Karen just called from Ft. Wayne and told me she bought a food scale…

I do not know what a food scale is… I do not know what a food scale is for… but I fear a food scale is not good news for me…

…with this in mind I am currently hauling all the potato chips and snack cakes in the house into my studio and hiding them away just in case I am about to embark on some sort of structured eating program… I am also frantically trying to eat all of what’s left from my secret stash of Valentines Day candy…

I fear good times around here are about to come to an end… put my name on the prayer list at your church…


The food scale is great for candy and potato chips!

Dennis Jones

…>munch< munch >munch<… really?

Don Jones

You don’t need no stinkin’ food scale. Just tell Karen that approximately 49 chips or 62 Hershey Kisses will completely fill your mouth… without measuring!!


Wow, thats instantly gets you a backup copy without scrapping the original, yet i do wonder how much that copier machine costed you 🙂