When Pigs Fly Barn Sketch

October 8, 2008


I’m still working round the clock, so since there is nothing new or experimental to show here, I will post some sketches from the “When Pigs Fly” game.

More and more, I’m being asked for Photoshop files with all the different elements of the illustration separated out and placed on their own individual layers. This way, the designers can move the different parts of the picture around to fit their type.

This was an idea for the barn on the cover which was not used.

The Comments

Don Jones

I see some similarities to Grandpa Grantham’s barn… the only thing missing… flying tobacco pouches!

Jason Bourne

Swanky! I like the cannon.


I love mega elements in a whole sketch like this! Reminds me of the really old comic novels from mad…took hours/days to find everything. I’m getting similar requests from my customers for the PSD layer thing or even individual pieces that make up the whole sketch. Whatz everybody’s feelings on this? I guess if their paying for it it’s okay…I just don’t always draw everything separately that way.

Jon Slone

I’m a writer and illustrator of children’s books for both kids and adults. Everyone asks me if I have a website. Currently, I do not. Any advice on who to turn to? The do’s and don’ts maybe? Thanks.

Dennis Jones

…hey Jon, I think your best bet would be to go over to Blogger.Com and create one of those… they are free and they are easy to do…

Jon Slone

Thank you. I’ll look in to it. Now I’m off to barnes and noble to do a reding/signing. My book is “Riggleberry Bloke” if you want to check it out on barnesandnoble.com