June 18, 2007


…a bright eyed, SMSU college freshman…


…one year of quality SMSU education later…

Mom and Dad sent all six of their kids through Southwest Missouri State University. I went through in the mid 70’s. I made it into the yearbook my freshman year… barely made it into the yearbook my sophomore year… and then didn’t seem to make it into any yearbooks after that…

I’m happy that there’s a photographic record to verify that I did indeed attended college… because I seem to have lost my diploma… and trying to convince people that I am college educated seems to be a really hard sell these days.

The Comments

Doug Jones

You went to college? Hmmm…. I thought you went from high school straight to your job as a Mongolian yak herder…

Don Jones

Who in their right mind would believe our Dad was a barber?

Doug Jones7

Dennis has been keeping a really big secret. He has actually starred in GEICO TV commercials….

Dennis Jones

…I did herd Mongolian yak for a couple of weeks between high school and college… lucky for me it was during that brief period of time that a big time Hollywood talent scout discovered me and landed the Geico Caveman TV gig for me…