Oh, Well…

June 5, 2008


A quick sketch for you despondent Penguin fans who are struggling just to make it through the day…

The Comments


Oh My! Dennis….you Thoughtful, Caring, Lean-On-Me, Artist, Son-of-a-Man who names all his kids with a “D”, Got My Back, Hockey Comrade, Fan….you! I don’t know what to say? Oh, How about…Thanks Man! I just told the wife last night how they are gonna have to win if I have any chance at getting a Penguin Hockey Player sketch outta you! I shoulda knew…the Jones Brothers do not go with the flow! It took me all night to quit crying and now…well, I’m just gonna snot up again. er, how much fer and autographed copy?

Jason Bourne

LOL…the fun will never cease.

Don Jones

Bernard, You need to get outside and do a little deep breathing exercises. I like that “snot up again” line… I really thought them penguins were gonna pull it out again in the final seconds.


Don, you must have been talking to my wife because she tells me that every day. Of course she also told me to leave you guys alone…fat chance of that now! Dennis Is Great!, Dennis Is Great!, Dennis Is Great!

Dennis Jones

…my buddie Gary Locke said the Pens goalie needed a bigger butt for sitting on the puck more efficiently…

…it reminded me of a goalie we used to play against in Texas that would stuff a pillow down the back of his pants to widen up his blocking mass