JoyOfPainting Part2 Episode 2

October 17, 2006


…with your host, Den Joneswalker…


…the rough my client sent me to work from…


…an old Rube Goldberg cartoon…

To recap yesterdays exciting episode; …my client has sent me a very simple art request. All I have to do is follow their rough layout (pictured above). Instead, I am trying to think up a way to change their concept (just a little) as to make it just a bit more entertaining for me to work on.

For several days I continue to walk by and look at my clients rough as it lays on the studio floor. Then it hits me, this is just like one of those old Rube Goldberg cartoons. I fire up the Google search engine, find Rube’s work on the internet, and pull down a photo or two (pictured above) for reference. I now have a direction I like and am ready to tweak my clients idea.

Today’s exciting episode was really, really short. Will tomorrows episode be any longer? …or any more exciting? Find out in tomorrows really, really exciting, much longer third episode of …The Joy Of Painting!

The Comments

Keegan Jones

Looking at those pipes makes me wonder if SocMo C-3P0 (hey, that kinda rhymes) could slide through them backwards, with his eyes closed, and live to tell of it.

Dennis Jones

uhm… Keegan… his name is Soc-3P-Mo…

Don Jones

This is better than any LOST episode.

Dennis Jones

…oh,yeh …I seem to have forgotten that last week I said this all takes place on a hidden island where dinosaurs are eating people… I suppose I need to work that plot line into this story…

Doug Jones

Can’t wait for the bowling ball to fall on the dinosaur’s toe…

Don Jones

Don’t forget the “UDDERS”.

Dennis Jones

…Don, your “udders” comment reminded me of one of the best dialogs the brothers n’ others ever had on Brother Jones… Take a trip on the way back machine and enjoy it again…