Gourd Week Day Six

May 7, 2005


And you thought this was over yesterday. It’s gourd week I tell you… gourd… WEEK… thats WEEK as in SEVEN! Seven full days of gourd week festivities! What did you think this was anyway, some sort of made up internet hoax kind of thing? It’s Gourd Week people! GOURD WEEK!

The Comments

Don Jones

Taking the Official Brother Jones GOURD WEEK into overtime which means the weekend… A L R I G H T ! This bugger reminds me of a stitched up baseball from the dark side. Great dark, rich grape stainage… good contrast to the lacing. And to think, Dennis, it took you ‘til the seventh grade to tie your own shoes. You have come a long way.

Doug Jones

this does have that baseball feel to it… steee-rike 4! are you using dyes on these?

Dennis Jones

yes, leather dyes… I used an old watch band for the front strap and the hinge in the back… I keep my guitar picks in this one…