Side View

March 25, 2008


On one of todays morning shows they were talking about the latest political scandals in the news and some guy dropped a Groucho Marx line… “Who are you going to believe, ME or YOUR lyin’ eyes” …which made me laugh out loud.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

My nose, my nose… My kingdom for a nose. Love it!

Doug Jones

that’s a great line…. gotta remember to use it sometime… how’d you get your computer to color right there in your sketchbook? Is there a slot in your Mac where you can slide it in?

Don Jones

I was thinking the same thing. You are merging and purging and doing all sorts of new fangled thangs. My head is spinning…

Doug Jones

spinning head is a flu thing isn’t it? Is Den’s art makin you woooozy?

Don Jones

I still have lingering FLU like symptoms. My vision is even blurred… wait, these eye glasses are filthy!