Playing Guitar Hero

January 6, 2009


A lot of people spent the holidays playing Guitar Hero… I did, too… except I had a real live guitar and played in front of a real live crowd at a winter youth retreat. OK, OK, I was probably more of a guitar zero than a guitar hero, but it was still a lot of fun. This is the only picture I could get my hands on from the event. It’s kinda out of focus, but then again, so were our songs.

The Comments

Don Jones

I thought this was the Doobie Brothers at first glance and you were Skunk Baxter. Will the “LIVE” concert recordings be available any time soon?

Dennis Jones

…I remember being at a Doobie Brothers concert back when Skunk Baxter first came over to them from Steely Dan… he sat on a stool the entire concert and just riffed thru all the songs…