Doug’s Cool Guitar

March 1, 2005


Congratulations to Brother Doug on his giant painted guitar! I think it is really going to be a big hit in the music world. Case in point: This photo was snapped at the recent WeaselBoy Rock Yer Socks Off world concert tour in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It seems their lead guitarist really likes Dougs paint job, too!

See Doug’s cool guitar here.

The Comments

Lily (not a cat!)

So I guess you can really play that guitar!

Dennis Jones

Yes Lilynotacat!, you really can…

Doug Jones

I still think Lily is a cat…

Dennis Jones

Doug, I’m glad you dropped by… I think your long lost cat TigerLily is typing messages in again…

Don Jones

The only drawback about Doug’s guitar- you can only play songs from the 60’s on it. Case in point, the guy in the picture is playing I Am A Rock. I am a rock. I am an island. And a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries.

Dennis Jones

I dont know if you noticed, but thats me on drums, Pete on keyboard, and Nick on guitar…

Don Jones

Den, I suspected as much… I thought it was either you or Ringo. That was during Pete’s BOY GEORGE phase wasn’t it? Man, you guys were tight (but loose).

Doug Jones

I do believe that “D” string is a tad out of tune….

Don Jones

That lead guitarist looks like he’s wearing graffiti painted long underwear. Fairly common outwear here in the Ozarks.


who is that playing the guitar

Dennis Jones

…thats Eddie… I think we were jamming on Eruption… but I cant remember now…


I don’t mean to be a skeptic but I think someone’s really good with Photoshop. LOL.

Dennis Jones

huh? …photo-WHAT… are you talking about a camera or something?


Hey, did Eddie use his drill on that guitar to get that “industrial” sound? Too bad that one of the Jones boys isn’t in the picture in one of David Lee Roth’s jump suits. Go ahead…JUMP!


You know I would love to hear more about your oldest son Nick. He seems awesome!


ya tell us about him, this site could really use some more info on the man, maybe a whole page, with downloadable wallpapers and maybe some cool Nick screensavers.


I hear he’s a hottie too! Can you send me his number?



Below is the gigantic guitar big brother Doug painted that sat in front of the Country Music Hall Of Fame in downtown Nashville during the summer of 2005.



WeaselBoy Guitar Finally Done

June 28, 2006


…the WeaselBoy Vintage Custom Deluxe…


…the WeaselBoy Summer Tour, July 2006…

This is the guitar I built… sorta. I began working on it back in January. Oh sure, the first part was easy, (taking a power saw to a thirty dollar pawn shop guitar), but then came the hard part… putting it all back together and rewiring it.

I finished all the rewiring back in March and then took it to a professional to fix all the rewiring that I had done since my rewiring didn’t seem to work. Who would have thought you actually needed to know something about electronics to be able to do electronics?

It took several months, but I finally got the WeaselBoy Vintage Custom Deluxe out of the shop and it’s one sweet sounding guitar.

(well, at least it’s a sounding guitar now)

The Comments

Doug Jones

Awesome ax you got there, mister GourdmanWeaselBoyDude! First guitar I believe I have ever seen with a tail. Saweeeeeeeet.

Don Jones

I bet Smoke on the Water never sounded so good. Glad to see Coca-Cola got behind the Weasel ‘06 Summer Tour.

Dennis Jones

…tour bus fires up in just a few minutes… hope the brothers can catch the show on our Missouri stop…

Don Jones

First stop… CRACKER BARREL!!!


Is a California tour through our great state’s In n Out burger joints next? One can only hope.

Doug Jones

WOW… two weeks without changing your page… a new BrotherJones record!!!

Dennis Jones

…man, I am having to pay the piper right now trying to catch up on work I put off in order to make the week and a half WeaselBoy Tour… it’s ten o’clock at night right now and I’m still working…

Doug Jones

yep… those tours are killers. I’ve been dragging around for two days now… need some energies. of course… deadlines are powerful motivators

Playing Guitar Hero

January 6, 2009


A lot of people spent the holidays playing Guitar Hero… I did, too… except I had a real live guitar and played in front of a real live crowd at a winter youth retreat. OK, OK, I was probably more of a guitar zero than a guitar hero, but it was still a lot of fun. This is the only picture I could get my hands on from the event. It’s kinda out of focus, but then again, so were our songs.

The Comments

Don Jones

I thought this was the Doobie Brothers at first glance and you were Skunk Baxter. Will the “LIVE” concert recordings be available any time soon?

Dennis Jones

…I remember being at a Doobie Brothers concert back when Skunk Baxter first came over to them from Steely Dan… he sat on a stool the entire concert and just riffed thru all the songs…

Steampunk Guitar Stage One

March 17, 2009


…cutting out some chunks…


…a careful sanding job…


…paint and rivets…

Last year my youngest son, Pete, found an old guitar in a second hand shop and gave it to me for my birthday. He told me to redo it into something really cool. I now believe this was all some sort of diabolical plan on his part to give him something new to make fun of me with, since he still makes fun of the last guitar I built.

I immediately tore the guitar down last summer, (that’s always the fun part) but then didn’t know what to do with it. Last weekend I decided the time had come to get busy and get this guitar put together. I’ll post the progression of assembling this contraption here for the next few days.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Off to a great start! I already want one…

Dennis Jones

…yeh, well, a great start is always the easy part… I run into a little trouble in tomorrows exciting episode… and later succumb to the ever present temptation to try and do too much…

Doug Jones

I bet that Dremel had a melt down

Dennis Jones

…didn’t think you could burn those Dremel bits up, but you know what, you can! …learn somethin’ new ever day…

Don Jones

Den, I have a reciprocating saw I can send up if you need to do some heavy demolition on this thing.

Steampunk Guitar Stage Two

March 18, 2009


…cracked head stock…


…JB Weld to the rescue…


…plus a little sinew…

I was happily working along on this project, thinking about how easy it was all going together… then part of the head stock cracked off. This is a pretty major deal because there’s a lot of tension and stress on those tuners. I dug around in the garage, found some JB Weld and glued the chunk of head stock back on. I didn’t trust the glue alone to hold, so I drilled a hole, inserted a pin, and wound sinew around the fracture… so I guess what I did was put a permanent splint on this patient.

The Comments

Don Jones

Happens every stinkin’ time… cruisin’ along and BOOM! Either a patrolman in the rearview mirror, a rock under the mower, or a busted piece of head stock from a guitar demolition. I feel your pain.

Dennis Jones

…fortunately, I was able to skillfully hide the crack with bright yellow sinew… no one will ever be the wiser…

Don Jones

Clever… discreetly hiding the unsightly crack by camouflaging with unsightly sinew.

Doug Jones

what’s sinew with you?…

Steampunk Guitar Stage Three

March 19, 2009


…E.T. phone home antenna…


…fur lined flux capacitor…


…dog tags…

This is where I go wrong with most projects. Instead of leaning on the “less is more” training I got in college, I always go with the “if a little is good, a whole lot more would be even better” theory… which is always wrong. These are a few of the “whole lot more” things that ended up on the guitar.

The Comments

Doug Jones

I think the proper term for this is “Too much is not enough” …a common affliction for many of us

Don Jones

Isn’t that the same fur you have around your steering wheel?


I think you mean “HAD on your steering wheel.” I think the dog tags are a nice touch. It would be nice if there was a way they could help provide percussion accompaniment. This could be your firt step to becoming one of those one man band type of things.

Steampunk Guitar Stage Four

March 20, 2009





How did I know when I was finished with this? When I ran out of room to tack anything else onto it. I threw on a set of Ernie Ball Slinkys and the guitar actually plays really well. It only has one knob… volume. I guess that’s really the only knob it needs anyway.

The Comments

Don Jones

That is a fantastic piece of conglomerated, eclectic BladeRunneresque guitar body. The daily play-by-play this week was great. Enjoyed it. Let’s put this on Ebay!

Dennis Jones

…no Ebay for this guitar… I’m playing it next Sunday at church!

Doug Jones

Good series! I was on the edge of my seat! Hope the church members don’t forget their ear plugs…

Don Jones

And by all means, DON’T climb up on the pulpit and JUMP off.

Dennis Jones

…too late…

was not a good idea…


Looks great! But you aren’t done yet. I still see some room for more stuff- on the strap! I think the final post to this series should be video of it in action. Maybe a rendition of “We dont need another hero” from Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. Sorry, I can’t think of any better “Steam Punk Classics”