Cows With Guns

February 9, 2009


…I don’t know what to say about this other than, if you really like cows and guns, this should land right in your wheelhouse.

Cows With Guns from Dennis Jones on Vimeo.

The Comments

Keegan Jones

Awesome video! Digital painting blows me away.

Don Jones

Bovine Freedom via Cintiq! These videos take Brother Jones down to the next level… good jorb!

Dennis Jones

…I’m going to milk this video thing as long as I can…

Don Jones

This one’s good for a month!

Dennis Jones

…well now that’s just udderly ridiculous, Don…

Doug Jones

that was a MOOving comment, Den…

Dennis Jones

…I can hardly wait for LOST this week… I’m hoping they’ll finally explain how the udders got onto the island…


Is this Illustrator or Painter? I can’t tell cause its movin’ so fast! Good stuff, though….

Dennis Jones

…neither one Aaron, it’s Potatoshop… I mean Photoshop…


Amazing one!


Yep, it’s just another utterly cool Illustration from one of the Jones boys about.  Bonnie and Cow-Hided.