Steampunk Guitar Stage Two

March 18, 2009


…cracked head stock…


…JB Weld to the rescue…


…plus a little sinew…

I was happily working along on this project, thinking about how easy it was all going together… then part of the head stock cracked off. This is a pretty major deal because there’s a lot of tension and stress on those tuners. I dug around in the garage, found some JB Weld and glued the chunk of head stock back on. I didn’t trust the glue alone to hold, so I drilled a hole, inserted a pin, and wound sinew around the fracture… so I guess what I did was put a permanent splint on this patient.

The Comments

Don Jones

Happens every stinkin’ time… cruisin’ along and BOOM! Either a patrolman in the rearview mirror, a rock under the mower, or a busted piece of head stock from a guitar demolition. I feel your pain.

Dennis Jones

…fortunately, I was able to skillfully hide the crack with bright yellow sinew… no one will ever be the wiser…

Don Jones

Clever… discreetly hiding the unsightly crack by camouflaging with unsightly sinew.

Doug Jones

what’s sinew with you?…