Indiana Bigfoot

July 15, 2009


…so I was watching MonsterQuest on the History Channel this weekend and apparently, everyone in Indiana has seen a bigfoot except for me… of course, several of those people couldn’t pass their lie detector tests, but I see that more as their rich Hoosier cultural heritage coming to play rather than flat out lying.

Anyway, I was looking through some pictures I shot last winter and ran across this one. That’s right, it’s a bigfoot… in the trees behind my house… doing the cha-cha…

The Comments

Doug Jones

well SOMEthing knocked over my garbage can a few days ago and ate some tasty scraps. Wonder if this thing has a bus ticket to Nashville in his pocket…

Don Jones

This particular bigfoot is a far cry from some sort of scary, backwoods monster. This lovable beast deserves extra table scraps and any leftover Starbucks from the old coffee pot.

Dennis Jones

…yes, well, Indiana bigfoots march to a different drummer…


You know his hands are in perfect position for a couple of Marrachas
or however its spelled. The little gourd shaker things.