The Joy Of Painting Episode 1

March 13, 2006


…with your new host, Dennis Jones…


…my slightly different take on the job…

Welcome to The Joy Of Painting; Episode One …The Return Of The Sith. I am your host, Dennis Jones, and this week I will be walking you through one of my recent jobs from start to finish.

The telephone rings. I answer. It is a client asking if I have time to do a job for them. I say sure, what do you have. They proceed to give me a brief explanation of the assignment. The company has purchased an outer space photograph of the earth and want to turn it into a poster for upper elementary age kids. All they want me to do is put a simple border around the photograph so that it looks like the viewer is looking at the earth through a satellite window. I say “sounds good, send it on”, and hang up the phone.

I receive the job the following day via FedX. Among other things the envelope contains (1) a letter from the designer explaining exactly what they want (2) a color copy of the satellite photo (3) a CD with a digital file of the satellite photo to use when I get into Photoshop.

As I look through this information I start to think this poster would look much more exciting if there were at least a couple of kids looking out the window …maybe in space suits …and a monkey …a space monkey. This of course is not what the client has asked for. Before I spend too much time heading in this direction I decide it might be wise to run this by my client first. I attach a sketch (pictured above) to an email and send it to them asking if perhaps they might like to use my slightly different idea instead of their original one.

Will my client go for this different idea? Is this concept just a little too far removed from the original assignment? Do they have some sort of problem with space monkeys? Find out in tomorrows exciting second episode of …The Joy Of Painting!

The Comments

Doug Jones

Cool! First we had Dancing with the Stars, followed by Skating with the Stars… I think we are now ready for Painting with the Stars! I’m betting they go with the new improved idea… looking forward to next exciting episode… Woo!

Dennis Jones

…I am basing this feature on the hit TV show 24 …lots of fast paced action and a cliff hanger at the end…

Keegan Jones

Love it. The cliff hanger is making me wish it was already tomorrow. I’m hoping nobody dies is your series.

Dennis Jones

…I hate to let the cat out of the bag …but I am mortally wounded at the end of the next episode…

Doug Jones

Of course Jack was totally dead and then brought back to life to fight more bad guys… no recovery needed… amazing! Maybe you can survive a serious paper cut…

Thomas M.

I hope you’re planning on putting a “Don’t Push this Button” on the control panel. Every spaceship worth riding in has one. Oh, and don’t forget the integrated iPod holder in the dashboard either. What about cup holders? I don’t see any of those … can those be worked in somewhere too? It’s all about the options that are thrown in for free that truly make any ride a good deal. However, the monkey does add an option that even Honda would be jealous over.

Doug Jones

I like the way you’re thinking, Thomas…. let’s add a hula dancer on the dash too…

Thomas M.

Doh … how could i forget the hula dancer! Good call, Doug… And tinted windows… Does it have tinted windows? Those solar flares can really do a number on your eyes.

Dennis Jones

…quite honestly …if I had thought of any of the items listed in the comments above I would have thrown them into this illustration …this is a great example of how brainstorming with other creatives is always a good idea…


To capture the TRUE Joy of Painting feeling: Can you call every item in your painting a “happy little (fill in the blank)”? Much thanks.