Green Hulk

March 21, 2008


I think I read somewhere that they had changed the Hulk’s color from green to red, but I’m not sure about that. We will probably need to call in BrotherJones Expert… well… BrotherInLawJones Expert Craig for an accurate ruling on this assertion. At least they are keeping him in cheery red and green Christmas colors. It looks like they are having a snow storm in Chicago so our trip home is no doubt going to be problematic.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Whoa! Totaly tubular! A red hulk? That would be a neat change…


Maybe it’s just me, but for some weird reason your Hulk’s head reminds me just a little of our current President.

Dennis Jones

…I believe our current president here at Brother Jones is Doug… hmmm… yep, you could be right, robalLOO…


There IS a red Hulk now, but I think it’s a different person entirely.