Updated And Clueless

April 29, 2009


I just came across this little video. It was one of the last movies I made on my old computer. I recently upgrading systems and my new computer came with the prized 09 I-Life programs. I fired up the new I-Movie and quickly discovered it was completely different than the 06 version that I had been using. I spent 45 minutes just trying to figure out how to import a video into it. (curiously enough, you use the “import video” button to do that) I’m pretty sure this new I-Movie program can do most anything, including making toast, but until I figure out what slot to put the bread in, I’m clueless as to how to use it.

The video is below in the “comment” section.

The Comments

Dennis Jones

Doug Jones

there seems to be an optical illusion working on me with Mr. Camel. I keep thinking he has like 6 legs, but I count them and there are only 4….

Don Jones

I’m speechless. REally like that soundtrack…


The bread goes in the C.D. Rom slot i think let me try it out first.. Yup. My computer is TOAST…problem solved

Dennis Jones

…a most excellent post, Jeff. You coaching any hockey these days?


The soundtrack sounds like the Elevator Smooooooth Jazz Stylings of the Rippingtons? Am I correct?

Dennis Jones

…the Rippingtons is correct… great music to wind down to… or if you’re a Jones, to wind up to…


No no hockey going on here, We just have the Stars. They specialize in snatching a defeat out of the jaws of victory.


Another DJ Masterpiece!

Dennis Jones

…tis disappointing to be a Stars fan these days… last season they looked to be on the verge of making a serious move forward, got lots of hype as this season began, and then just imploded… oh well… Bernard, your Pens better get someone besides Crosby scoring for them or the Capitals are going to jump all over them in this series… ahhhh… hockey talk…