My New Cintiq Glove

July 17, 2009


My wife came home from a flea market the other day with a bag of nylon lint-free inspection gloves, and they are great for the Cintiq. I had been using cotton photo gloves, but they seemed to quickly stretch out of shape. As you can see from the Sharpie customization job, I am now digitally painting with a much more aggressive attitude.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Great to see that Cintiq in action, there. And isn’t that image on the glove the same as the tattoo you have on your neck?

Dennis Jones

…why yes, thanks for noticing…

Terry Elliott

Eat your heart out Michael Jackson. Oh wait….

Dennis Jones

…I do occasionally hop out of my drawing chair and do a spontaneous moonwalk… then I sit down and get back to work…


Just don’t hire a personal physician and you will be O.K.

Doug Jones

What kind of stogie are you smokin’ there, Den?

Dennis Jones

…Jeff, the last time I saw a physician was when my shoulder was all locked up and you sent me to see a Dallas Cowboys physician friend of yours and he gave me a free shot of something that almost immediately unlocked my shoulder…that’s not the same guy Michael was using, is it?

Tim Shirey

Since I work in the “attic” of our office, it gets quite warm and I use the cheap white gloves (all fingers cut out except for the pinky) with my Wacom Cintiq. I buy packs real cheap from Photo stores that sell dark room supplies. And….yes… I would get the Michael Jackson comments from people coming past my door. 😉

Dennis Jones

…Swiss, eh? …10 or 15 years ago our family spent a week or so somewhere in Switzerland and I can’t remember where… it was by some big body of water, we got on a boat and went over to some sort of woodworkers village (Berne, maybe?) …our kids went to some camp up in the mountains (Interlochen?) …all I can remember is everything looked like it was straight off a post card… a beautiful looking place…

Don Jones

I bet that would also make a nice hay haulin’ glove… and/or golf glove.

Dennis Jones

…it would make a perfect golf club for me because about the only thing I’ve got going for me in golf is my intimidating demeanor… and a wicked cross-check…