August 16, 2006





Ok… I think I squeezed every last possible comment I could ever hope to get out of that last picture I posted… so it’s time for a new one…

…and also time for my hard hitting expose on what’s REALLY happening BEHIND THE SCENES at BrotherJones.Com! The following is an ACTUAL email I ACTUALLY received LAST NIGHT!!
Hey dennis! Loud and clear here. Janson is now up and online with his own email address. I received an email this morning from him and all it said was “wet.” He had no explaination for that one.

Maybe we need to liven the site up… declare next week the Douglas Lee Jones Week or SOMEthing. I believe we are hitting the wall and real WORK might be pressing in on our sacred site maintenance and blogification. Don Loud
…uhm… did you notice how Don intentionally did not capitalize my name? What’s that all about? Brutal…

…looks like Don is gunning for big brother Doug now! I hope I never get on Dons bad side! Scary…

…the Janson email thing is funny, but was it said in good fun or was Don throwing his own child under the bus for a cheap laugh? I think the viciousness of the rest of this email might indicate the latter! Shocking…

I can only conclude that Don’s anti-social behavior stems from the adversarial relationship he had with his Grandma Jones. He called her “granny” (which she did not like) so she called him “tubby” (which he did not like). I fear a lifetime of strife and conflict has followed Don as a result of this early learned behavior.

I apologize if I have tarnished the pristine image you no doubt have of BrotherJones.Com, but as a serious journalist it is my sworn civic duty and responsibility to alert the public to what is really going on behind the scenes here. And if your path should ever cross with my little brother Don… WATCH OUT!!

…I am now waiting for my pulitzer prize to arrive in the mail for this award winning article…

The Comments

Doug Jones


Don Jones

Fantastic bloggin’ here den. Except now Doug can hunker down and prepare himself for next week’s Douglas Lee’s Plein Aire and SocMo Fiesta. The above e-mail excerpt was prompted by Den’s cry for help from the wilds of northern Indiana…having a bit of email problems… you guys get this one? Help me. I have fallen and I can’t get up.


I owe all my eating disorders to “Granny.”


I am glad to see that Don has finally given up on fighting the powers that be, and accepting his real middle name: Loud. Interestingly enough, my wife and I were laughing about this same exact misnomer not even one hour ago-without having seen this post. It must be some sort of cosmic convergence. As an additional note [since this post hasn’t reached traditional Banshee specifications yet,] I was just wondering to myself if the brotherjones site was due for an update or tweaking. I did not come to a conclusion, but figured there must be someone around who knows how to do website graphics [ahem-Keegan-ahem].

FOWA: week of 10 APR 2005

Doug Jones

so is the pencil sketch one of the doodles you do in church of the pastor?

Dennis Jones

…hey, I felt some conviction about doodling in church so I don’t do pencil sketching any more during worship services… now I sit in the back row on Sunday mornings with my 12” G4 PowerBook and play with Photoshop…

…with headphones on…

…I am expecting to feel some conviction about this soon… probably around the time I receive one of those “special” weekday visits from the parson…

Doug Jones

I always listen to the latest BrotherJones podcast on my iPod shuffle during sermon time. They are SO inspirational! Can’t wait for a new one. I have listened to the last one 24 weeks in a row now.

Don Jones

I am sorry to report my beloved iPod mini has bit the hard drive dust. No more running to inspirational 70s music… no more podcasts to get the mind off the pain…

Doug Jones

pity… so when is the funeral?

Dennis Jones

uhm… Don… I’ll be blowing thru town on Saturday… wanna fire up the microphones and burn a few podcasts for Doug?

Don Jones

I was thinking the Weasel Bus might be coming through on the FALL TOUR. I will start now preparing material for this exclusive Duger podcast.

Dennis Jones

…WeaselPaLooZa hits the road this coming Saturday!

Dont miss it!

Doug Jones

lotsa jokes and home made muzik… that’s my order… sermon length, of course…

I Got A Tablet

December 29, 2006


…the first thing out of the Wacom…

I was a very good little boy this year and thus received a 6X8 Intuos3 Wacom Tablet for Christmas. This is a WHOLE lot easier than a mouse. I’m afraid my Brother Jones page is now going to evolve into some sort of virtual refrigerator door where I post my little digital pictures for the family to see.

The Comments

Doug Jones

cool dude with a ‘tude… I don’t think he got that iPod he wanted for Christmas… and while you are at that virtual fridge… pass me a slice of cold pizza…

Don Jones

This little guy is creepy.. good job. I visit the fridge a whole lot so I look forward to many digital pics.


Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing more.


I received a wacom tablet for xmas too!!! i love it!! the first thing i sketched with my tablet wasn’t that good, though… My congratulations for your works! I do like your illustrations!

Don Jones

I keep checking the fridge for new Wacom art but so far no luck… Chiefs vs. Colts… Saturday… be there.

Dan Lietha

Wow! Dennis gets a Wacom tablet and I feel like I got something special for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing the fruits of what you learn to do with a real graphics tablet, especially since you were pretty stinkin’ good with just a mouse.

Mark Behm

I begged santa to get you one.

Cedric Hohnstadt

Congratulations! I would think drawing with a mouse would be akin to sculpting with a bowling ball, yet you pulled it off. I can’t wait to see you make that tablet sing!


im pretty sure my brother has that same tablet, your drawings are really awesome, i still have a read with me bible around somewhere in my house, theyre really great