May 7, 2008


What happens when you run out of time and try to finish a sketch up quick? Instead of having a cool picture of some intimidating looking character you somehow end up with a guy in a green bathrobe that needs a shave.

The Comments

Jason Bourne

Very interesting, makes me think of The Thing, from Fantastic 4.


How did you come up with that type of background?

Don Jones

I heard on the radio yesterday, that along with the IRONMAN movie now showing, in the near future there will be a THOR movie and one on the AVENGERS. Comic book heroes have become a cash cow.

Doug Jones

I am the walrus… coo coo ka choo….

Dennis Jones

…James, when I do these little color studies all I want to do is paint the subject, so I don’t usually expend any time painting a background… I have a file of miscellaneous, uhm, background kinda stuff and I will just choose one or two and toss them into the background…


It makes Wardman pop from the background and the color used works with his green bathrobe…I see Wardman has summer teeth and no drool, Nice!

craig schutt

Just at quick tip concerning the (excellent) Iron Man movie. DON’T LEAVE until after every last credit is over. There’s a short but very special scene that should make comic geeks (like me) giddy. Giddy geeks…I like it.