Grand Opening

November 21, 2005


I would like to invite everyone to the official GRAND OPENING of the brand new, never before seen, DJ-ART Web Site.

After pleading, sniveling, and groveling for much of the summer I finally wore my nephew Keegan down, and he agreed to build a new website for me. What he has done is simply amazing.

I have also done a bit of housecleaning here at Brother Jones. You might enjoy checking out the two newly updated sketchbooks in my portfolio section.

The Comments

William Smith

Wow! That is a really, really cool website.

Doug Jones

Is William Smith on your payroll, Den?

Mike H.

Top notch!! Very well done!

Doug Jones

is Mike H. on your payroll too?

Dennis Jones

…wha… is this Mike n William from back in the DJ-ART Shipping, Handling, and Complaints Department? Big Christmas bonus checks for them this year if it is…

Don Jones

What a site! Really nice, Clark. (Den, send check to Don’s attention at Brother Jones Corporate R & D department.)

Dennis Jones

…too late… already sent with a big ATTENTION:WEB MASTER KEEGAN on the address…


Brilliant website!