Fathers Day

June 20, 2005


Pete and I topped off a Fathers Day full of events last night with a dozen Krispie Kreme donuts. When I opened the box this morning I found one last Fathers Day message for me.

The Comments

Don Jones

EAT IT DENNIS! FAST! It is bad luck to keep one of these glazed KK orbs for more than 24 hours… not that I’m in to superstitions or anything… knock on wood.

Dennis Jones

well… Pete is out of the house working at the golf course currently… and I really do have a jones for a donut right about now…

Keegan Jones

Haha! Eventually Krispy Kreme will pick this theme up to appeal to the bad boy / motorcycle crowd. Big ups to Pete for creating this new advertising campaign for an untapped market.

Doug Jones

…so is the warning that if you eat the donut it will kill you… or if you eat the donut, Pete will kill you?

Dennis Jones

…oh it is definitely Pete will kill me if I eat the last donut… I took one bite out of it just to show him who’s boss…

Doug Jones

Wow.. you sure showed HIM!

Dennis Jones

hey, you cant let these kids walk all over ya…