JoyOfPainting Part2 Episode 5

October 20, 2006


…with your host, Dennis Jones…


…finished poster…

To recap yesterdays exciting episode; …I am trying to create a poster that has an “old time” look to it. My client is not aware of what I am trying to accomplish with color and has sent an additional email asking that the poster be very, very colorful. Unfortunately, I have already finished painting it using very limited color.

As I look at the poster, I really don’t really see any way to insert a lot of color into it. Boots, footballs, and anvils just aren’t very colorful items. My only option is to blow out the background with color. This is a tricky proposition. If too much is going on with the background it will overwhelm the images in the foreground. I keep piddling around with color until I come up with a solution (pictured above). I feel that, short of painting Skittles and a rainbow into the background, this is about as much color as I will be able to insert into this.

I burn the job to a disc and toss it in the mail. This didn’t turn out exactly the way I conceived it, but hopefully it will be what the client is looking for. I receive an email a day or two later saying, “hey, we sure liked that colorful poster” …whew!

The Comments

Don Jones

I was up all night worried that this project was going to crash and burn. But now life is just peachie again … Dennis does another high-flyin’ tightrope illustration and the Card WON last night!!

Dennis Jones

…Card? ..Cards… Cardinals? Did the Cardinals win last night? …Don, talking to you is just like talking to Lassie…


Timmy fell in the well… bring card

Dan Lietha

That’s quite the movie transition. You started out with Star Wars and ended up with Lassie.

Dennis Jones

…yes, Dan, it’s amazing where you can end up when you have no real game plan for anything that you are doing… Brother Jones is a testimony to that philosophy…

Doug Jones

so… where are the dinosaurs?

Dennis Jones

…well, in this episode the dinosaurs pretty much just hid in the trees and growled real loud to try to scare the plein air painters on the beach… I don’t think anyone actually saw one…

Don Jones

Upon further study I have detected the music you were listening to while producing this fine piece of poster art. The color enhanced letters CCR can mean only one thing: Credence Clearwater Revival! ” I see a bad moon arising”

Dennis Jones

…yes, Don, you have discovered the secret evil backward masking I have inserted unknowingly into this poster… only it’s not backward… or masked very well… and I didn’t even know I did it… this is all very scary stuff…

Don Jones

If I had a pair of those pants I would be a happy man.

Dennis Jones

…I’m pretty sure you did back in the 70’s…

ricky heinrichs

…what year in the 70’s…

jango fett

… the star wars picture you took awhile back is exactly what it is…

Bruce Jones

A big Ohio hello to the Jones boys, from a first cousin. I enjoy your artwork now, just like when we were kids. Remember blowing off firecrackers in the old school yard? And I miss my “annual professional haircut” from Uncle Loyd. I remember it all… love to your mom. Bruce Jones

Doug Jones

Cuzin Bruce! Woo! Yep… those were the good old days! I always enjoyed your annual visits… and always cried when you had to go…. sigh….

Dennis Jones

HEY COUSIN BRUCE… do you remember how we used to always call you Cousin Bruce and you would tell us your first name was not “cousin” …but we went ahead and kept calling you Cousin Bruce because we just couldn’t help ourselves… good times… good to hear from you…

Don Jones

BAAAA-ROOOCE!!! Always a high-point when Jones cousins check in on this mind-numbin’ site. I remember y’all blowing into town from Virginia and Uncle Alton was always sporting the coolest sunglasses. I now wish I had enough hair for a haircut.

Doug Jones

It takes a BRAVE person to come out and admit that they are related to us. Think we should offer Cuz an honorary membership? If I remember correctly… it was from Bruce’s family that I first heard that phrase… “the Jones Appeal”

Craig Schutt

Oh, I actually thinks it’s much, much BRAVER to marry into the Jones clan! But I’ve never regretted it…well, except for that one time, when a picture of me in a Batman mask was posted on Don’s section of this site… Which reminds me: Halloween (er—make that Harvest Festival time) is almost upon us. Sure hope my son doesn’t ask me to dress up as the Caped Crusader again this year…

Doug Jones

but you look so GOOD in tights!

Dennis Jones

…I’m kinda uncomfortable with the direction these comments are headed in… I think we better fire up some manly football talk… arr, arr, arr…

Cedric Hohnstadt

Thanks so much for posting this little series. It’s encouraging to know that even a big-name illustrator like Dennis Jones occassionally runs into problems. You handled it very well. I can tell you are a “big name” illustrator because the finest illustrations always include either a frog, a bicycle, or an anvil. You included all three! Even Rockwell never achieved such a feat.