Letters Day One

May 17, 2005


I used to always get tagged to go to my boys elementary schools and participate in the “This Is What My Dad Does For A Living” days because of my somewhat “unique” profession.

If you are not familiar with these, it is where the poor, unsuspecting dad shows up at school and has to try and entertain a room full of kids for 30 minutes by telling them about his exciting job. I seem to remember having about four minutes of quality dialogue and then trying to pad the rest of the time with drawing funny pictures and telling jokes.

I came across some old letters I received after speaking to Peters first grade class several years ago. I will share some of the more interesting ones with you this week.

Letters Day Three

May 19, 2005


I was not aware I was droling during my presentation… how embarrassing.

The Comments

Doug Jones

Poor little guys are confused… they think you are the famous artist Nic.

Dennis Jones

…well… ya take what you can get…

Don Jones

I think these kids are drinking something stronger than milk on their afternoon breaks.

Jacob Walden

What, whole milk? Shudder

Dennis Jones

Do you guys remember having to drink warm milk right out of the cows udder down at Grandma’s house for breakfast sometimes?

…or am I imagining that?

Letters Day Four

May 20, 2005


I’m still hoping to make the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine.

The Comments

Don Jones

Woah. What kind of Jones Mo-Jo did you have going on Den? By the looks of the heart your girlfrend drew here… she’s head over heels about you. Good job.

Keegan Jones

Very nice. I’m wondering if those circle things behind the heart were supposed to serve as some kind of hypnotizing method.